We're excited to announce the first of our Artist Mixes, where each month we invite a different artist from the label to create the listening experience.  To kick things off we have a spicy mix from Gunkst, a producer hailing from Nashville currently living in Denver and LA. We hope you enjoy some heavy bass, hip-hop and futurism from Gunkst.


Gunkst - Mating Call (unreleased)

Kases x Gunkst - Resource (unreleased)

Gunkst - Sheer Girth (unreleased)

Grxgvr - Ruby Ruby

21 Savage - Drip 6:21

Choppy Dunks x Dapp - let's go now

Gud - Body Horror

Bleep Bloop - Slippin

blank body - Highrise

Grasps - Artificial Body

Dj Pound - Guts

Gunkst - Tugboat

Ca$h Bandicoot - Still Goin In'

Shell Sport - Rain Print

Fisky - Raiden

Gunkst - Coffin (unreleased)

Mura Masa - Hara Juku

Gunkst - Rocksalt (unreleased)

Akira Akira - Yarr

Gunkst - rapshit2016 (unreleased)

Larry June - Glock 40

Gunkst - Gyal